Coaching and Club Development

Our aim is to support sport clubs and schools to help develop their capability.  We work with coaches, officials, managers, administrators, club committees and sport directors in both voluntary and paid roles. Scroll down to learn more about:

  • SmartCoach
  • Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU)
  • Building Club Capability
  • Breakfast Club

Smart Coach Workshops

Behind every sports team is an army of workers – usually volunteers – who take on the role of referee, administrator and coach.

SMART Coach is for first-time coaches seeking to support a school level sports team. The programme can lead towards a national qualification and is tailored to the needs of participants. The programme can also be delivered with unit standards within its content.

This essential programme teaches a first-time coach how to:

  • Manage groups of young people
  • Communicate and impart skills
  • Structure and deliver a coaching session
  • Cope with sideline behaviour of parents and children
  • Get and stay organised
  • Implement effective planning processes.

Key concepts

  • Confidence in coaching
  • Management of athletes
  • Warm up and training styles
  • Team cohesion
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Other coaching topics, techniques and tips specific to coaching young people

To find out more about Smart Coach workshops, please contact Sam Knight - Volunteer Programme Coordinator.  Phone 027 508 5508 or complete the form below.

Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU)

This programme follows on from SMART Coach and focuses on tactic-based training.

Learn the ‘why’ before the ‘how’. Identify the tactics of the sport and develop games based around those tactics.

Games are modified and progressive and skills are performed in the context of a game rather than isolated drills.

This is another tool for a successful coach.

To find out more about TGFU workshops, please contact Sam Knight - Volunteer Programme Coordinator.  Phone 027 508 5508 or complete the form below.

Building Club Capability

This series of workshops is specifically for administrators, leaders, officials and coordinators of sporting, cultural or social clubs.

It will help develop a better understanding of the responsibilities and roles of volunteers in voluntary and community organisations.

Sessions can include:

  • Funding and sponsorship – practical knowledge to gain and maintain funding and sponsorship for your club.
  • Volunteering – how to recruit and retain your volunteers, support them, and prevent burnout.
  • Club planning – governance versus day-to-day operations plus planning for projects and working with others.
  • Club support – understand the roles of each volunteer in the organisation eg., secretary, treasurer, chairperson.
  • Leadership and delegation – look at your own style of leadership, and identify what leadership tasks to delegate and how to do it
  • Personal effectiveness – communicate, run meetings, write reports and handle administration more productively
  • Smart marketing – develop a marketing plan for your organisation
  • Motivation and team building – get the best out of your team and work effectively alongside them.

To find out more about Building Club Capability, please contact Sam Knight - Volunteer Programme Coordinator.  Phone 027 508 5508 or complete the form below.

Breakfast Club

This program ensures the development of a sustainable community project, specific to the needs and desires in each community, building confidence towards leadership in coaches and managers in schools and the wider community.

To create a sustainable school community run project that provides opportunities to allow parents/ caregivers/students to be empowered to deliver their best selves to the school community they serve. Through regular Breakfast meetings using in house local knowledge who have shown successful coaching, managing or umpiring models in our high school communities.

The programme will allow opportunity:

  • For conversations, connections and strengthened community.
  • To recognise and share success stories and knowledge in our hub of coaches, managers, and umpires in the school community.
  • To value our volunteers.
  • For increased communication between schools and volunteers.
  • To be on a learning journey together to continue to develop young people through their school learning experience to be well prepared for life beyond school.
  • To help our volunteers provide inspiring experiences ensuring they are contributing and have the knowledge that they have a huge impact and are so influential in helping fill our school students kete with a sense of purpose, direction, and confidence.


  • To provide opportunity for the school community to gather regularly to share knowledge so they can be empowered to deliver their best selves to the students at school for them to thrive.
  • To strengthen the lines of communication and support between volunteers and school to ensure successful experiences in sport now and beyond the school gates.
  • To provide an opportunity for a sustainable and rewarding volunteering community at secondary school to ensure we have coaches, managers and umpires for the longevity.

This program is delivered each school term with participants undertaking a variety of games and play activities. The program content reflects a range of authentic and practical learning methods currently provided in local primary schools and includes support to participants developing leadership potential. 

This program is designed so that students can explore their own values and perspectives around what it means to be active both physically, mentally/emotionally, and socially and links these concepts to practices within the wider community. It is important that the inquiry and integrated nature of this program is open for community exploration so that all participants, supported by their teachers and peers, can meet their potential.

To find out more about the Breakfast Club, please contact Sam Knight - Volunteer Programme Coordinator.  Phone 027 508 5508 or complete the form below..

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