Amazing Race

This is a challenging and fun event held each year in Week 2 of Term 4 at the Hamilton Gardens.

Designed for Primary students Years 5 and 6, and Intermediate students Years 7 and 8

  • Teams participate in a variety of pitstop leadership challenges set within different parts of the Hamilton Gardens.
  • Each team completes as many pitstops as they can within the set time period. These pitstops are a variety of physical, cognitive and creative tasks that challenge, enthuse and motivate students.
  • Teachers and adults supporting the race teams can observe potential leaders in action, taking on and developing leadership skills, while working cohesively as a team.
  • The right skills can make all the difference when a child first takes on a leadership role within their school and/or community.
  • We help head students and young leaders become more confident and effective by developing skills that will enable them to make the biggest contribution to their communities.

To find out more about The Amazing Race, contact Nicki Blake by completing the form below.

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