Meet the Board

Andrew Matheson (Chairperson)

He is passionate about enabling people to achieve through sport, and seeing them grow knowledge, skills and confidence through sport and education.

Andrew believes that WILSS has an exceptionally important role in play in assisting our community to provide useful skills for volunteers and future leaders particularly in the sports sector.

Catherine Gunn

Catherine is the school representative on WILSS Board

As Principal of Sacred Heart Girls College in Hamilton she considers the students to have great potential, with skills and talents to share, develop and contribute to the school and the wider community.  “We want our young women to develop personal responsibility, effective life-long learning habits, personal resilience and well-being, all of which will equip them to live a life that will make a difference in our ever-changing world."

Bobbi-Jo Clark-Heu

Bobbi is a Māori representative on the Board. She is a descendant of Tainui (Ngāti Korokī-Kahukura, Ngāti Te Wehi), and is an advocate for supporting Māori communities to a healthier and active lifestyle.

With a passion for IT systems and cultural capabilities, in recent years her expertise has been utilised within the sport and recreation sector in a Regional Sports Trust and a national non-profit organisation.

She is actively involved in community sport and in her spare time enjoys Netball, Touch and Waka Ama.

In the words of Princes Te Puia “Mahia te mahi, hei painga mo te iwi” – where possible Bobbi endeavours to activate this call to action from a prominent Waikato tipuna.

Kirsten Petrie

Kirsten is the Associate Dean Academic, in Te Wānanga Toi Tangata Division of Education, at the University of Waikato. Her teaching is focused on health and physical education in schools, with her research focusing more specifically on primary schools, professional learning, curriculum development, and policies implications.  She continues to be involved in coaching, primarily working to provide professional learning opportunities to support those working with rangatahi.

Her commitment to ensuring all young people have positive experiences in whatever movement experience they chose to engage in, and have opportunities to develop knowledge and skills to enhance their own and others hauora, continue to frame her involvement as a member of the broader university, schools and community.

Roseanne Murray

Roseanne has extensive experience across the sport and community sectors in both volunteer and leadership roles.  She is currently an advisor with Community Waikato and has previously held leadership roles within both Sport Waikato and Netball Waikato. 

Roseanne is passionate about the development of leadership across our communities and believes WILSS has an important part to play in providing quality educational opportunities to help build better leaders for both the sport and community sectors as well as in the workplace.

Ping S'ng

Ping is a chartered accountant fellow and lawyer with over 30 years’ experience in business, taxation and legal advice.

She is actively involved in providing training at professional levels. Ping has over 20 years’ involvement in various school associations and sports organisations with an emphasis on the treasurer/finance role. More recently, as a Wintec Council Member, she has been closely involved with the finance functions of Wintec, as the Chair of the Finance and Risk Committee.

Ping has also also been involved for many years with Waikato Hockey, managing various age-group representative hockey teams.

Growing up in Malaysia, she was able to experience the multi-culturalism that epitomises Malaysia. As a result, apart from English, she can speak Malay and a few Chinese dialects.