At Waikato Institute for Leadership & Sport Studies (WILSS) we provide leadership programmes for schools that develop your students into positive young leaders.

We do this by:

  • Helping learners recognise their leadership potential.

  • Helping learners to learn how to develop their confidence, become connected and actively involved in their school community and beyond.

  • Teaching learners how to identify excellent leadership.

  • Learning the importance of effective communication.

  • Learning how to respectfully value the ideas of others within their team whilst also managing themselves.

  • Engaging learners in exciting interactive learning activities.

  • Designing programmes to fit your school vision & leadership culture.

  • Inspiring young people to put their ‘hand’s up rather than out’, and to lead in a variety of ways.

These leadership programmes focus on developing learners' key competencies as identified in the New Zealand curriculum. The right skills can make all the difference when a child first takes on a leadership role within their school and/or community. We help head students, young leaders, and selected cohorts become more confident and effective by developing skills that will enable them to make a positive contribution to their communities.

You can take this opportunity to provide your current leaders, or potential future leaders, with the skills and understanding about leadership so that they are enthusiastic, equipped, and ready to begin leading at your school.