Youth Leadership Exploration & Development

This collaboration day is aimed at students from Yrs 5-8 who have taken on Leadership Roles within their schools or for those students who have leadership potential and need a bit more development in a team situation. Schools can send two teams on either of the Leadership Days (separate days for Years 5-6 and for Years 7-8). Schools then have the option for support from WILSS throughout the year for any other student leadership development that is needed. 

What’s in it for the student?

  • Exciting experiences and activities
  • New friendships
  • Pushed outside comfort zone in a safe environment
  • Develop confidence in challenging situations
  • Effective leadership through communication
  • Explore and develop personal leadership skills
  • A range of theory and practical learning activities.

To find out more about this programme, please contact Nicki Blake on 027 508 5508 or complete the form below.

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Junior Secondary School Student Leadership Development

Many of your junior students will have participated in WILSS leadership programmes at their Primary and Intermediate schools. In these programmes they were the seniors of the school which allowed them to demonstrate leadership with the younger students. Now they are at Secondary School, often they feel there are limited opportunities for them to step up and grow their leadership capabilities.

WILSS can support your junior students by providing them with leadership development training as well as collaborating alongside your school structure by supporting with opportunities to step up and lead.

Some examples may include:

  • When the senior students leave school for exam preparation
  • To instigate clubs at school where their passions may lie
  • To organise lunchtime activities for other students who would like to be more active in their break times.

To find out more about this programme, contact Paula Dewar – School Programmes Manager. Phone 027 579 2680 or complete the form below.

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