Unit Standards in Schools

The aim of this programme is to work with schools to focus on building an experience in the classroom that will meet the needs of the students and embed unit standards into that experience.

There are two pathway options that schools may choose from. Each has its own context and pathway for development across level 2 and 3. It is advised that the schools work with a context that is applicable to their students, school, and wider community.

Leading in Sport and Recreation

Coaching and Instructing

  • 22769 – Demonstrate knowledge of basic skills and rules at a beginner level for a sport V2 Cr2.
  • 20673 – Demonstrate knowledge of injuries, injury prevention and risks and hazards associated with sport or recreation V4 Cr5.
  • 22771 – Plan beginner-level coaching sessions for sport participants V4 Cr6
  • 22768 – Conduct and review a beginner level coaching session V2 Cr6 (optional)
  • 30933 – Demonstrate exercise and stretching techniques V1 Cr5.
  • 30935 – Develop and implement an exercise plan for personal physical fitness V1 Cr5.


  • 31388 – Apply sport rules and regulations while officiating in a competitive sport event V1 Cr10.

Development in Sport and Recreation

Recreation in the Community

  • 27299 – Describe the benefits of participation in recreation in the local community V1 Cr2.
  • 18763 – Describe the process of community development as a participant V3 Cr3.

Event Management

  • 4864 – Demonstrate knowledge of recreation needs of a target group V7 Cr4.
  • 21414 – Plan and run a recreation activity V3 Cr4.

Designing programs that challenge students to use and develop their soft skills in real context is part of the Sport and Recreation experience.

Interpersonal unit standards that can be embedded into any of the previous programs include.

  • 10791 – Participate in an Informal Meeting V5 Cr3.
  • 9677 – Communicate in a team or group which has an objective V10 Cr3.
  • 1299 – Be assertive in a range of specified situations V9 C4.
  • 1312 – Give oral instructions in the workplace V7 Cr3.
  • 11097 – listen actively to gain information in an interactive situation V5 Cr3.
  • 9681 – contribute within a team or group which has an objective V7 Cr3.

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