NZ Certificate in Sport Coaching (L3)

Do you want to get more involved with one of your local sports clubs? How about helping to coach one of your whanau? Have you always been an active sport participant, and are looking to gain a greater understanding of coaching? The New Zealand Certificate in Sport Coaching may be the programme you are looking for. This part-time programme enables you to continue to work as you learn.

Why this programme?

  • Learn the practical skills and techniques to become a great coach.

  • Get the best from your team through effective communication.

  • Learn the art of coaching from current, passionate coaches.

  • Complete a qualification while still working.

 Who should enrol?

  • Current sport minded people wanting to expand their involvement in their chosen sport.

  • Future coaches who want to gain a formal qualification.

Entry Requirements

  • Prospective learners must be actively engaged in coaching athletes/players.

  • All prospective learners must have a coach/mentor for the duration of the programme.

When are the next courses?

  • February 2025

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Programme information

  • 10 workshops

  • 26 weeks (part-time)

  • 40 credits

How much does it cost?

  • FREE for New Zealand permanent residents and citizens

What content is covered?

Module 1: The Coaching Environment

What is a good sport coach?

  • Coaching values, purpose, objectives

  • Balance is better.

  • Coaching styles - Which style are you?

  • Being a positive role model

  • Demonstrating positive side-line behaviour

Creating a Positive Environment

  • Starts with the coach.

  • Understanding skill needs

  • Understanding learning needs

  • It’s about the culture.

Module 2: The Art of Coaching

Model Simple Skills

  • Skill Development

  • Physical Literacy Approach

General Coaching Principles

  • What are coaching principles?

  • What styles of coaching are there?

Group Management

  • What is effective coaching?

  • Good coaching habits

Module 3: Coaching Safety

Injury Prevention

  • Common sports injuries

  • Causes, methods for prevention

First Responder in Action

  • How to respond to common injuries if they happen on your watch.

  • What is a RAMS form?

  • How does it help?

Warm up and Cool Down

  • How do they help? 

  • Creative activities that are sport specific.

Module 4: Coaching with Communication

  • Constructive communication

  • Specific vs Positive Feedback

  • How will I know I am good at communicating?

Graduates of this qualification may progress to:

  • Employment (either paid or volunteer) as an entry level coach, primary or secondary school or club coach.

  • NZ Certificate in Sport, Recreation and Exercise (Level 3)

  • NZ Certificate in Exercise (Level 4)

  • NZ Certificate in Coaching and Instruction (Level 4)

Contact details:

  • To find out more about this programme, contact Alan Peary - Tertiary Programmes Manager. 

  • Phone: 027 2329025

  • Email:

  • Select this link below to download the latest flyer: