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Coach Development Programme - 2022

WILSS is offering workshops for coaches that give them the opportunity to ask questions, create networks and be inspired to provide sporting experiences that encourage players to be lifelong participants. Our coaching pathway model offers coaches and organisations a pick-n-mix of one-off workshops, short courses, or long courses.  Open Flyer below to check out the details on workshops and course topics available in 2022...

November 26, 2021

New Zealand Certificate in Sport Coaching (Level 3)

New Zealand Certificate in Sport Coaching (Level 3)  New to Coaching?Need to build your coaching resources?Looking to start a career pathway into the area of sport coaching? Our innovative programme offers individuals an opportunity to learn about coaching basics.Be part of a team of likeminded individuals, learning more about what makes a great coach.Be involved in part time study designed to be both informative and fun. If you are interested or know of any club members/volunteers who want...

August 16, 2021

Pool Compliance Course

Ministry of Education Compliance Regulation for School Pools. WILSS is presenting a session on Pool Compliance in January 2022.The full day programme would be beneficial to caretakers. teachers, principals, club members, and parents involved with pool maintenance.For more details or to register, contact Zelda Tucker on (07) 839 9908, or email

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