Smart Coach Workshops

Behind every sports team is an army of workers – usually volunteers – who take on the role of referee, administrator and coach.

SMART Coach is for first-time coaches seeking to support a school level sports team. The programme can lead towards a national qualification and is tailored to the needs of participants. The programme can also be delivered with unit standards within its content.

This essential programme teaches a first-time coach how to:

  • Manage groups of young people
  • Communicate and impart skills
  • Structure and deliver a coaching session
  • Cope with sideline behaviour of parents and children
  • Get and stay organised
  • Implement effective planning processes.

Key concepts

  • Confidence in coaching
  • Management of athletes
  • Warm up and training styles
  • Team cohesion
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Other coaching topics, techniques and tips specific to coaching young people

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Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU)

This programme follows on from SMART Coach and focuses on tactic-based training.

Learn the ‘why’ before the ‘how’. Identify the tactics of the sport and develop games based around those tactics.

Games are modified and progressive and skills are performed in the context of a game rather than isolated drills.

This is another tool for a successful coach.

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