Waikato Young Leaders Day (WYLD)

This unique leadership event invites up to 450 Year 9 students from secondary schools in and around the Waikato region, to the University of Waikato who host this event.

Designed for Year 9 students

This Waikato Young Leaders Day (WYLD) day, with WILSS, will challenge students to reflect personally on what they can achieve if they focus, set small goals, have patience, perseverance and have belief in themselves.

Core Components
Students are learning to:

  • Develop and display confidence in themselves and others in order to demonstrate leadership/volunteerism in their school and wider community
  • Make the best out of new situations
  • Identify strengths and challenges of working with others
  • Identify their own passions/strengths and recognise how these could be used to influence others
  • Reflect upon new situations and act in ways that benefit themselves and others
  • Offer their own ideas with confidence and value the ideas of others.

Themes for the Day:

  • Knowing who you are – is about knowing yourself, your strengths and how sensational you are; knowing what your passions/interests are; getting to know and connecting with people in new places and spaces. It is about feeling comfortable in ‘your own skin’ to have the confidence to make the most of a variety of situations and opportunities. Knowing your passions.
  • I Choose – making those positive choices, taking up challenges and opportunities; dealing with pressure, challenges, and change; encouraging and empowering others
  • Walking the Talk – believing in yourself; look ahead, take little steps to bigger places – believe you can, and you will, lead with enthusiasm back at school, working towards your IT.

To find out more about this programme, contact Paula Dewar – School Programmes Manager. Phone 027 579 2680 or complete the form below.

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